European stock markets bounced yesterday following fund injections by central banks.

In London, stocks rose across the board, and the FTSE 100 closed up 180.7 points.

The European Central Bank pumped an additional €47.7bn (£32.3bn) into the markets, on top of its previous €150bn at the end of last week

The New York Fed, which carries out the US Federal Reserve’s market operation, also topped up its market with $2bn in extra cash on Monday. That was less than banks had asked for and below the $38bn injected on Friday, the largest amount in any single day since 2001.

The Bank of Canadareduced its injection, adding C$670m (£316m), down from C$1.685m on Friday. The Bank of Japan made a second cash injection, this time of 6bn yen (£2.5bn).