Martin Bruce of Scotia Homes has been named Property Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Final of the Bank of Scotland Corporate £30 Million Search for Property Entrepreneurs.

Scotia Homes’ success follows on from their recent win at the Scotland and North England territory final where the company secured a once in a lifetime funding package of up to £10m, free of interest and charges for up to three years, and now plans to turn their expansion plans into reality.

Martin and company Chairman Bill Bruce competed against the winners from two other territories across the UK for the chance to be named ‘Property Entrepreneur of the Year’ and now stands to benefit from four days mentoring from Nick Leslau, one of Britain’s most successful property entrepreneurs, and recent star of the ‘Secret Millionaires’ TV series. Scotia plans to use the funding to research, develop and market this urban offering, recreating Scotland’s urban developments.

Managing Director, Martin Bruce, commented: 'It's an incredible honour to receive this award, especially for the talented team we have in the business. The whole process has been particularly valuable, especially the opportunity to look at our business and present our vision for the future to two icons in Nick Leslau and Sir Stuart Lipton.

'The business is changing from being a housebuilder to a townbuilder and blending the uses, including residential, retail and business to create vibrant neighbourhoods. Nick Leslau has incredible experience of amalgamating mixed use developments and maximising their value and I aim to exhaust his experience! I'm particularly looking forward to using the opportunity to gain new ideas and a fresh approach for urban developments in Scotland.'

Nick Leslau added: 'Scotia Homes are very astute, financially conservative and have read the market very well over the past twenty years. They are highly innovative and prospering in one of the worst markets for house developers in living memory. Despite their success to date, they have had the foresight to reinvent themselves through sustainable community development, rather than stick to standard house building. This approach is ahead of its time and, coupled with their immense knowledge of community development, will stand them in good stead for years to come.

'Their presentation to the judges was thoroughly engaging and I'm excited by the prospect of working with them to offer advice on the financing, asset management and commercial elements of the business. One of my co-judges, Sir Stuart Lipton, has generously offered his input, meaning Scotia Homes will also benefit from the input of a man whose knowledge of the wider development process is unparalleled.'