Minerva has got the green light for a 1m sq ft redevelopment of the former Young’s Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, south west London.

The developer won consent from Wandsworth Council on Wednesday for the scheme, after agreeing to pledge £41m to fix transport problems.

The scheme will restore listed buildings on the site including the Brewer’s House and provide space for new facilities including a micro-brewery.

The full development comprises four Town Centre sites and set aside more than 200,000 sq ft of space for bars, restaurants and shops.

It will include two towers on the main brewery site, one of 32 storeys, one of 42 storeys. Nine other blocks will range in height from three to 15 storeys.

Planning applications chairman Leslie McDonnell said: ‘The new homes, shops and restaurants come with the biggest transport 'dowry' we have ever secured.

'It is the only prospect we have of getting the money to tackle the area's chronic traffic problems.

‘We have not compromised on quality to get these benefits.

'The whole development has been designed to make the most of the site's unique industrial heritage. It aims to create an attractive environment that will change for ever people's perceptions of the town centre.’

The Wandsworth Town Centre Partnership described the brewery site as ‘pivotal’.