Mitsubishi Estates, one of Japan’s biggest property companies, is expected to officially open Tokyo’s tallest skyscraper, the Shin-Marunouchi building within six weeks.

The 198m tall building, which is located in the Marunouchi district directly opposite Tokyo station, will be handed over to tenants on April 19.

Designed by UK-based architect the Hopkins Group, the 2m sq ft (195 sq m) building has already gained iconic status in Japan by virtue of its height in an area that has strict planning restrictions that prevent buildings overlooking the Imperial Palace.

Floors one to seven will house meeting rooms, shops, a gym and changing facilities in addition to office space, while floors nine to 37 have been let as office space.

The Shin-Marunouchi building is the largest of Mitsubishi Estates’ 32 properties in the Marunouchi area and is part of the First Stage of the Marunouchi Redevelopment Project. Stage Two will begin in 2008 with the reconstruction of the Mitsubishi Shoji, Furukawa and Marunouchi Yaesu Buildings.

The historic neighbourhood of Marunouchi was earmarked for regeneration in 1998, with the aim of turning what formerly served purely as a business centre into a bustling 24-hour district.