The return to the office, inclusive workspaces and sustainability are among the hot topics set to be debated at Property Week’s WorkSpace Conference + Showcase on 1 October.

The must-attend, hybrid event, which takes place online and at America Square Conference Centre, London, will feature a session from futurist Tom Cheesewright on the complexities and issues with the ‘hybrid’ office as workers return to their desks following the pandemic.

In another session, Kate Smith, head of workplace and portfolio strategy at CBRE, will talk about the need for workplaces to encourage diversity and inclusivity.

Meanwhile, Ann Marie Aguilar, senior vice-president of the WELL Building Institute, Ciara Keeling, chief executive of Bruntwood Works, Andrew Lazarow, director of strategy at Rockwell Group, and Felicity Beasley, director at NREP, will discuss the importance of sustainability and wellbeing in offices.

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WorkSpace, featuring AV Works, takes place 1 October 2021 in London. Property Week and AV Magazine will once again be partnering to bring you game-changing content that will open your eyes to the shifts happening across workspaces.

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