Discount supermarket chain Netto is rolling out a new store design.

It has hired G1 Architects and WPL to design more sustainable and greener store fits such as highly insulated and air-tight buildings, waste heat recovery and building management system .

Netto has trialled the use of combined heat and power at selected sites and pilot CHP projects seen a 47% reduction in in-store energy demands and a pro-rata carbon reduction of 50% on electrical consumption.

William Smith, property director for Netto, said: ‘The new Netto store is extremely efficient from a cost point of view. This is very important as we strive to continue to deliver the best possible prices to our customers and maintain our position as the leading discount supermarket in the UK. At the same time, our new stores provide an attractive building design and internally the shopping environment for customers is brighter and fresher, with enhanced facilities for store colleagues.’

Netto is set to open its 200th UK store in 2009. In addition, throughout 2009/10, Netto will be renewing a significant number of ‘first generation’ stores, with complete demolition and re-build where land adjoining existing sites has been acquired.