Widnes Waterfront Business Steering Group has elected Paul Murphy, Chief Executive of Forum Tecknik+, as its new Chairman.

The Steering Group, was set up in August with the aim of ‘deigning out crime’, promote inter-business trading and support local businesses in the regeneration of the 200 acre former industrial area in South Widnes which will create 2,700 jobs upon completion.

In his new role, Murphy will represent each of the resident businesses on the estate when communicating with the Council and any other external organisations.

Murphy said: ‘As one of the businesses located at the Widnes Waterfront I take a vested interest in the area as a whole. Through my position as Chair I hope to maintain the excellent business relationships that have already been formed and ensure we work together to help the Waterfront become a successful commercial business park.’

The Waterfront is one of 14 Economic Development Zones (EDZ) in the North West and is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and Halton Borough Council.