Covent Garden Market Authority (CGMA) is searching for a design team for the redevelopment of New Covent Garden market in Vauxhall.

Design brief

The design brief will include performance specifications which will promote the most ‘efficient use of the market space’ and secure a ‘fully functioning and financially viable market.’

The deadline for bids is the end of January 2008.

Baroness Brenda Dean, chairman of Covent Garden Market Authority said: ‘We want to ensure that our new market is designed to the highest possible standards. By procuring a highly skilled and specialist team we will be able to fully address the challenges we face and provide a Market which will be an exceptional trading environment for our tenants and their customers.’

Two year programme for redevelopment

Last year CGMA announced the start of a two year programme to replace the 30 year old grocery market facilities with a modern alternative.

The next stage is the design brief which will be followed by a secure agreement with planning authorities and the search for a development partner.