Wilson Bowden and Nottingham Forest FC are in talks to develop a new football stadium as part of a major mixed use scheme.

The 617 acre development site, located to the south of Clifton, will be masterplanned to accommodate Nottingham Forest, as well as 5,000 homes and 123 acres of commercial development.

Nottingham Forest chief executive, Mark Arthur, said: ‘The club has, for the past two years, been investigating potential sites for the relocation of the stadium in and around Nottingham.

‘Initial plans to renovate the City Ground and increase seating capacity to support major regional events have been rejected, due in part to the inadequate transportation and communication links direct to the stadium, and not least due to the land availability constraints in providing a stadium of up to 50,000 seats.’

An outline planning application will be made in spring 2008.

The new stadium is expected to be ready by 2013.