Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John Armitt has called for the appointment of an official to take charge of the legacy for the Olympics site in east London.

Armitt said the key to driving forward regeneration of the Olympics site after 2012 was appointing an individual to drive forward the legacy masterplan, which is being drawn up by the London Development Agency.

Armit said: ‘You’ve got to find the man who’s capable of driving that forward over the next ten years. You need the vision, and vision’s not done by organisations, it’s done by individuals.’ He was speaking at an event in the City of London organised by the Cambridge University Land Society and law firm Eversheds.

Armitt also called for a body comprising the private sector and the public sector to deliver that legacy. He said the LDA and the communities and local government department were responsible for coming up with the masterplan for the Olympics site.

‘Once you’ve got a draft masterplan and agreement from the boroughs, what you’ve got to do is create an organisation to move that forward,’ said Armitt. The so-called Olympic boroughs are Newham, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Greenwich.

The call for an individual to take charge of the Olympics legacy was reiterated by Steven Norris, board member at the LDA.

He said: ‘The real key to legacy is a coherent plan, and early. The danger is we all talk but nobody says, "That’s fine, lets go."'