The vision for a 64km river front stretch of parkland along the Thames will be represented in the UK’s biggest architectural model at the Thames Gateway Forum at the end of the month.

Masterplanned by architect Sir Terry Farrell the plans all for a series of connected parklands ‘aimed at transforming the area into the UK’s first eco-region’.

The model, which is the length of three London buses, was first unveiled by the Prime Minister at last year’s Thames Gateway Forum, but this year will focus on the parklands.

Joe Montgomery, communities and local government director general for regions and communities, said: ‘The spatial framework and Parklands programme is central to the economic regeneration of the Thames Gateway – it will encourage investment and it will make a real difference to everyone that lives there.

'If we are to unlock the full potential of the region and attract investors to it, we have to make the most of all the unique assets in the area.

The framework that Sir Terry Farrell has helped to design with our partners will help inspire the next wave of development and bring the various initiatives in the Gateway into a single coherent vision.’