The government is to launch a review of the private rented housing sector as part of a package of proposals to improve social housing services. Financial Times

Yvette Cooper, the housing minister, yesterday revealed plans for extra investment aimed at making social housing fairer, more effective and more suited to the occupiers.

As part of these plans, a review of the private rented sector is expected to be led by Julie Rugg, an academic at York University. It will examine areas such as how renting can help those unable to afford houses. More details are to be announced next year.

The British Property Federation, which represents the interests of commercial landlords, said a professional rented sector similar to the US’s could solve supply issues and ensure stability in the housing market. It called on the government to remove barriers to the growth of commercial investment in the sector.

Cooper told the Housing Corporation and Chartered Institute of Housing there would be a 'major crackdown' on cramped housing.