Global shed giant ProLogis has agreed to a minimum environmental standard for its US developments.

The commitment, which was announced today but came into force on 1 January, will see ProLogis comply with sustainability standards set by the US non-profit, building industry group US Green Building Council.

All projects undertaken by the company, will be registered with the USGBC to be considered for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification – the national standard for environmentally responsible construction.

In addition to future developments, all ProLogis schemes currently in the design or planning stage will be registered.

Walt Rakowich, president and COO for ProLogis, said: "We have made significant strides with sustainable warehouse design and construction, and have best practices being utilized at our projects around the globe.’

‘We believe the time is right to take our initiatives a step further. By incorporating design elements for LEED certification for all our new distribution space in the US, we help to extend the lifetime of our buildings, ensure they perform to the highest standards of environmental construction, and provide our customers with distribution facility options that further their own sustainability agendas.’

ProLogis has 3.5m sq ft in the US currently under design or construction, all of which has been put forward for registration. It is likely the same again will be developed in 2008.