New Drivers Jonas research shows that English regions are following London's lead by stipulating 10% target in development plans

New developments across England will need to produce 10% of energy on site or obtainedfrom renewable sources, according to new research released by Drivers Jonas.

Major regions such as the South East, North West, North East, Yorkshire & Humber and the East of England are following the lead of London by including the demand in their development plans. The new policies, which are mostly for developments over 1,000m2, have been incorporate ahead of national guidance being put together by the Government, which is currently in draft form.

Drivers Jonas' report added that the Midlands and the South West regions had yet to be as specific on the percentage of on site generation or the mimimum size of developments where such demands would be made.

The firm predicted the practice was set to spread and become more commonplace.

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