Colliers International and RICS are partnering to launch an international graduate scheme.

RICS and Colliers

RICS and Colliers

Photo caption: From left to right: Davoud Amel-Azizpour Colliers, CFO EMEA; Mo Karim, Colliers, Head of People Transformation; Blane Sweeney, Partner Development Manager RICS; Chris McLernon, Colliers, CEO EMEA; Oliver Woodhead, RICS Commercial Director; Sasha Richards, Colliers, EMEA Talent Manager; and Nash Hammond, Colliers, Next Generation Development Manager.

The Colliers’ EMEA Graduate Programme will allow students to work in six markets, including the UK, France, Germany, Poland Denmark and the UAE, as they work to become a chartered surveyor.

The pilot cohort will see students take part in distance learning through the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) training platform and APC Accelerated Learning Programme as they complete the RICS Commercial Property Pathway.

“Where necessary, face to face training will also be built into the programme,” according to a release.

“The EMEA graduate programme will equip early career professionals with the technical and ethical skills to address the challenges facing our global real-estate markets,” said Judith Gabler, RICS operations director, Europe. “We are proud to partner with Colliers International to ensure our profession stays connected, vibrant, and attractive for future talent.”