The RICS is to start a registration scheme for valuers next year after governing council gave the green light to plans this afternoon.

The RICS is due to set up a scheme where valuers who carry out valuations according to RICS Red Book standards will have to register with it. The cost of registration will be around £100 - although the exact figure is yet to be set - and under the scheme the registered valuers will also have their competence monitored with random tests.

Mark Gerold, head of valuation at BNP Paribas Real Estate and chairman of the RICS valuation faculty, said the governing council had strongly backed the plans: "The governing council overwhelmingly supported the proposal to go forward with a valuer registration programme," he said.

The RICS will now take the plan to its management board so it can set the structure of the scheme. The RICS wants to have the valuer registration scheme in place by next summer.