The nightclub operator Luminar is preparing to combat the smoking ban that comes into force in England in July with plans such as pumping rose scent through its clubs and selling sex toys in its vending machines. The Independent

When the ban came into force in Scotland and Wales, the stench of beer and sweat was no longer masked by smoke, and the club operator had to come up with ways to mask it.

Luminar, which operates Oceana, Liquid and Lava & Ignite brands across 120 venues, has decided to pump in smells through the air-conditioning system.

Chief executive Stephen Thomas said, 'We are using rose at the moment but we think we can find something better and we are testing other ones to see which works best,'

Luminar has spent £50,000 per venue on outdoor areas, such as patios and roof terraces. It has also signed a deal with Ann Summers to introduce sex toys into its cigarette vending machines.