Pilot road pricing schemes in the UK will be implemented within five years, according to Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman.

Speaking at the Sheds conference in Newport, Wales, today, Ladyman warned the UK industrial market of the need for the controversial scheme to guard against a gridlocked country.

He said: ‘The only way to show support for hauliers is to devise a system that benefits them and that gives them the right price for their journeys.’

Ladyman said, despite the creation of 39 new trunk roads and high profile road widenings as well as a further 21 road improvement schemes across the country over the next two years, the need for a further source of funding was needed.

He said there had been no decision on what technology will be used to implement the system, no system had been designed, no decision how much it will cost drivers had been taken, no new government powers had been proposed and no tracking devices to measure driver journeys had been implemented.

Ladyman also urged the shed market to help prevent congested roads. He suggested the sharing of warehouse space and the use of white logo-less lorries to distribute for more than one organisation. ‘This way businesses can transport products from different branches from the same warehouse.’