Smart lock and building access firm Proxy has launched a new miniaturized identity signal reader that gives users smartphone-based building access.


Mobile Reader Nano

Mobile Reader Nano detects Proxy Signals from a users smartphone and is small enough it can be installed alongside existing access card readers in minutes.

The smartphone tied identity reader is meant to replace building keys, cards, badges, and other apps used to gain access.

“As the world’s smallest mobile reader, Mobile Reader Nano can be installed in turnstiles, elevators, and directly behind existing card readers, which means customers upgrade to mobile quickly while simultaneously supporting all existing card types,” said Proxy’s co-founder and chief executive, Denis Mars.

“The future is cardless,” Mars adds, “and we have talked with many companies that want to upgrade to mobile access, both for the experience and the security, but they want to do it efficiently and they need to support existing cards during the transition.”