The views of 400,000 office workers are being sought in a survey that’s looking to help improve the quality of shops, bars and restaurants in Midtown.

Contributors could win a 5 star Hotel stay, a £500 shopping voucher or a meal for two at a specialist restaurant.

The short, online survey at will run until the end of February 2009.

The results will be presented to retailers, landlords and building owners at an event in April, setting out Midtown’s retail future in light of its growing and increasingly diversified office population.

The survey is being run by Farebrother, with the support of the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel, outfitters Ede & Ravenscroft of Chancery Lane and specialist restaurant Vanilla Black.

Farebrother’s Head of Retail Jonathan Quelch said: 'Mid to hi-end retailers need to improve their understanding of the dynamics of the Midtown market.

'The area is undershopped and offers better value compared to the West End.

We think workers are spending their money elsewhere because there aren’t the big brands and names that they are looking for on nearby streets.'