It is time to start training for the Property Week/King Sturge Property Triathlon on 3 July.

Train like a champ by following our exclusive programme from ladies world champion Helen Tucker (right). There will be four four-week blocks, building up to the big day.

Here is block one:

In this first period you will need to introduce yourself to training at the three disciplines each week. If you haven’t already got the gear you need for the event then buy it now, so you have time to get used to your racing kit. Make sure you buy a bike and wet suit that fit.

It is a good idea to look for a triathlon club close to you, or a masters swim program to help you out with the swimming.

Weeks 1 and 3

These weeks will be the easiest, with the emphasis on distance, rather than speed.

Aim to swim the distance you will be doing in the race (750 metres). Warm up with 100 metres. Then 5 x 150 metres at a steady pace. Finally, a 100 metre warm down.

Aim to ride easy this week. Plan a route you are comfortable with and aim for distance over speed. If you can ride for an hour to an hour and 30 minutes, that is great. Try to get friends to join you on this.

Aim for time and distance rather than pace. Keep your efforts low but aim

to cover your race distance of 5 km.

Jogging and walking is a great way to introduce yourself to running and avoid injury, so alternate between walking for one minute and jogging for two minutes.

If you have time during the week for another session, add in whatever you consider your weakest of the three sports and keep it easy.

Weeks 2 and 4

Here you can put in a bit more effort if you wish, but remember, you are only starting your training so don’t go crazy.

100 metres warm up, 150 metres easy, 100 metres harder, 50 metres maximum effort. Repeat set.

Warm down 100 metres.

Again, aim for an hour to an hour and

a half on your bike. This time you have two blocks of five minutes when you increase the effort, but not too hard. Just get used to going a bit harder.

If you are moving on from your one-minute walk/two-minute jog for these two weeks you can do one-minute walk, one-minute jog, one-minute faster run.

Repeat this as many times as you are comfortable for up to 30 to 40 minutes.

If you are already running 30 to 40 minutes, then you can build this week’s run as 15 minutes easy, 10 minutes medium pace,

five minutes harder pace.

Again, if you have time for another session this week, concentrate on getting time in rather than speed. Make your fourth session a different discipline to weeks 1 and 3.

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