Training for anything isn’t easy, it’s all about self motivation, time and discipline, with many of you counting the weeks to the Property Week/King Sturge triathlon in July, you’ll know what we mean!

You’re probably wondering who we are? Well we’re three Olympic Triathlon prospects who are sponsored by ACIES, a leading proactive property and construction consultancy dedicated to providing innovative design and management solutions

The team at ACIES are interested, and actively involved in triathlons and have asked us to share our knowledge of the sport to the industry – especially those taking part in this summer’s race. So we’ve teamed up with Property Week to provide as much help and support leading up to the event as we can.

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll provide you with all you need to know about the sport, top tips on everything from warming up to eating healthy. We’ll provide you with some expert advice on each of the legs and a training plan you can adapt to help you plan your time.

We’ll also be on hand if you have any questions and can be contacted through our team at Acies. We will try to answer as many queries as we can,

We will be taking part in July race and will be on hand all day for any last minute questions.

Meet the experts

Phillip Graves
Hailing from York is 19 year old Phillip Graves. Training in and around the Yorkshire region Phillip began swimming at the tender age of three. At eight he caught the running bug and at thirteen got on his bike, after which time he combined his training to focus on the triathlon.

To date his medal wins have consisted of the 2006 European Youth Relay Championships and last years Sid Standard Memorial Race.

A single lad, he claims that hard core dance tunes can get him through even the most taxing training session and that bonking should be avoided at all costs! Yes, bonking, a condition when an athlete suddenly loses energy and becomes fatigued – minds out of the gutter please!

His key tips for training? Keeping it consistent, if you stop for two weeks, then a lot of the previous work will be lost, according to Phillip, he also says it pays to train at your best possible pace at all times, and when you’re absolutely beat to put in an early session so it allows you to recover for the following day!

Phillip gives the variety of scenery and locations as one of the reasons he loves competing in triathlons reflected by his favourite holiday destination – the west coast of Scotland.

His ambition is to take home the coveted prize of an Olympic medal.

Lois Rosindale


Eighteen year old Lois Rosindale is from Leeds where she lives with her parents and sister. Lois has always been involved in sport and was a competing gymnast for several years until she became too tall forcing her to give up the bar in favour of the bike!

She decided to take up the triathlon after being inspired by her neighbour but with no competitive running, cycling or swimming experience to count on she has had to become accomplished in all three sports which has proven to be a real challenge.

To-date she has had no major wins in the triathlon but came second in the National Duathlon Championships in 2006 and also came third in last years European youth qualifying race.

Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing accompanied by her favourite grub – ice cream. She also enjoys eating out with friends and family and loves hitting London’s West End to take in a show.

Lois’s tips for success are that you should always have self belief and remain resolutely fixed on your goal, even if you might struggle to reach it. She’s also recommends that remaining calm under pressure is a key part of the sport. If something should go wrong, her advice is to try to remain focused, as you can always make up time in another part of the competition.

Her ambition is to be able to compete in the Olympics but right now she’s keeping everything crossed for an injury free year of training.

Steven Worthington


Steven Worthington is 22 years old and is from Lancaster. A student at Leeds Metropolitan University, Steve is studying for a masters in Sports Science Physiology.

Steven, who has always been active, adopted the triathlon at eighteen owing to the challenging nature of the sport. Big medal wins include third place at the Royal Windsor Elite in 2007, third place at the London Duathlon Elite 2007 and second place in the National Aquathlon Championships 2007.

Steven kicked off his 2008 race season with a convincing performance at the Muscles of Steel 10K race finishing in second place and beating off stiff competition.

With an eclectic music taste and a love of pizza, Steven enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and mates in his local. This summer he’s hoping to hit the Devon coast for a break – a favourite destination of his owing to the impressive beaches.

Always up for a laugh, Steven says that although training can be tough and requires discipline the sight of a group of triathlete’s in full body neoprene and skin-tight lycra always brings a smile to his face!

His top tips for success are being consistent, strategic and getting in tune with your body. He also says that planning your diet is imperative and as important as the training being undertaken. Steven also maintains that adequate recovery time after exercise or competition is also a must.

The ultimate goal for Steven is an Olympic gold medal though until he reaches that prize he aims to push himself to his absolute limit in terms of training and competition.

Top tips to getting started

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