Tristan Capital Partners is deploying software by London-based proptech startup PRODA across its business.

London skyline

London skyline

The software automates the collection and harmonisation of rent roll data using machine learning technology. Tristan Capital Partners has more than €10.5bn (£8.88bn) of real estate under management. PRODA’s software will assist the firm in its investment and asset management decision-making.

The software can amalgamate tenancy data in multiple formats and across multiple information silos within a business, clean it and remove errors, and output a harmonised data set.

PRODA’s co-founder and chief executive, Peter Bredthauer, used to work at Tristan Capital Partners, but the firm only agreed to adopt the technology after an extensive pilot programme.

“Rent roll data is the foundation of our day-to-day work in asset and investment management; it’s vital that it’s both accurate and consistent,” said Jean-Philippe Blangy, a senior partner at Tristan Capital Partners.

“PRODA takes away much of the legwork associated with managing these complex, dynamic data sets, enabling our teams to produce reports and access actionable insights at the touch of a button.”