Two of Britain’s leading housebuilders have backed Theresa May as the next prime minister, saying her appointment would put an end to a “damaging period of political instability”.

Movers Shakers London panel

May was due to face Andrea Leadsom in the race to become leader of the Conservative Party, but is now unopposed following Leadsom’s withdrawal today.

Berkeley chair Tony Pidgley and Redrow chair Steve Morgan said political uncertainty was damaging the sector – with Morgan accusing politicians of “talking down” the industry.

Both backed Theresa May’s appointment as the next prime minister at a Movers and Shakers breakfast in London on Friday.












May will “do a good job” negotiating the UK’s exit from the European Union according to Pidgley.

“The Tories [should] stand up and put this woman in, let’s get on with it. She’s quiet, she doesn’t do behind the scene deals.

“Why don’t they rally round and put this woman in charge, let’s have some stability, that’s what we need,” he added.

Morgan blamed the drop in share prices in property companies after Brexit on “politicians talking the industry down”.

“For god’s sake, will politicians start to grow up and behave? They’re acting terribly,” he said.

“We need some leadership in this country. We’ve got a political crisis, which if we’re not careful will turn into an economic crisis.”