The development of Edinburgh’s port of Leith as a hub for creative industries has taken a further step forward with the opening of another contemporary floating office. Financial Times

Barge 1502 is the third vessel to be opened by Water of Leith 2000, a development company that is creating a floating business park in the basin of the river that runs through the Scottish capital. The first two barges are occupied by an advertising agency and branding specialists.

Barge 1502 was officially opened by Sir Tom Farmer, the Scottish entrepreneur who founded Kwik-Fit. He was born in Leith and is a strong supporter of the regeneration of the port.

A former fuel carrier for the Ministry of Defence, the barge was bought in Glasgow last year. During its working life, it travelled as far afield as the Falkland Islands. To get to Leith, it had to be towed round the north of Scotland and partially submerged to be eased under a road bridge into the enclosed outer basin.

Now fitted out by Scottish craftsmen, the barge will provide a high-tech office for Omnia, an international creative consultancy that operates in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company has moved in with 10 staff, a number that will double later this year.