Wilson Bowden has submitted plans for a football stadium-led regeneration of a 22-acre site in Chesterfield.

The developer, in partnership with Tesco and Chesterfield Football club, is redeveloping the former Demaglass site.

The new stadium for Chesterfield FC will be built alongside business and retail space, including a new Tesco.

Problems with parking

The partnership presented its plans to the local community last month and was met with concerns about parking on match days.

But David Ward, planning director at Wilson Bowden, said the problems have been solved through amendments to the plan.

A shuttlebus services will run from drop-off points to the stadium and there is more focus on cyclists facilities, the development partners said.

Subject to approval construction on site is proposed to start early 2009 with completion of the Tesco store and the new stadium for Chesterfield Football Club in winter 2009.