Looking for a real page-turner for your summer getaway? Look no further. Metropolis has found the perfect book for you.

No Deals Done book cover

The property sector has always boasted more than its fair share of juicy tales and sorry sagas, so a crime-thriller trilogy set in the world of commercial real estate - and against a backdrop of real events - has to be a sure-fire winner.

Author Simon Fairfax may not be a household name like Stephen King, but from what we’ve read of his latest instalment, No Deal’s Done ‘Til It’s Done, it could be real estate’s answer to King’s Bill Hodges Trilogy.

Chartered surveyor Fairfax said: “The books are commercially written, set against events and markets that really happened. The first book is set in London and Italy in the 1980s and brings the crime-thriller concept to the world I have known for 35 years.”

Fairfax’s protagonist, Rupert Brett (suggestions to Metropolis please as to who inspired the character), is forced to become a double agent who resorts to “unscrupulous” measures to rescue a deal… something that couldonly happen in a fantasy world, of course.