The home of the future is an idea on a lot of people’s minds right now. As the world continues to reel from the impact of the pandemic, developers and building operators are looking to facilitate an easier way of living through increased connectivity.

Murtaza Bukhari

Murtaza Bukhari, GM – Strategic Partnerships, Samsung Electronics UK & Europe

People’s lives have changed. Their habits have changed and what they want from technology has changed. One of the main reasons for this is the way in which technology was so vital in getting us through the multiple lockdowns of the last 18 months.

People want speedier and easier ways to control tech. They want it to work for them. They want to be able to use it in every room in their home for almost every task – from using the coffee machine in the morning to turning off the lights remotely before bed.

Connectivity is becoming so much more important among the Millennials and Generation Z. So, the focus for all of us serving the built environment is how can we delight these customers? For us, it is down to how we create relevant technology offerings within the home to make people’s lives easier and more connected.

Imagine using a washing machine. You put your load in, put the liquid in, press start and wait for it. It’s a process with a lot of steps. Now, you can do all of this remotely with a smart machine, a smartphone and an app. You can time when it needs to go on or when it needs to dry. As another example, we have smart fridges that have cameras built into them, which means that you can check while you’re out if you’ve run out of milk or not.

Now that hybrid work is becoming increasingly important, we all must allow for that flexibility people want in their work and home lives through connected products at home – allowing us to work, live and play wherever we are

Now that hybrid work is becoming increasingly important, we all must allow for that flexibility people want in their work and home lives through connected products at home – allowing us to work, live and play wherever we are. Within our business, we have the monitor division, which grew exponentially during the pandemic due to the rise of the work from home culture.

Changing the trappings of work

A lot of allowances are being made by developers to ensure that there are key areas within their residential buildings that enable people to work from home, and that is very much down to how we as a society are changing the trappings of work in today’s day and age. However, the focus can be a little bit divorced from the developer, as the focus is on the end user and their experience of the tech. That’s a challenge that will need to be overcome.

QL Penthouse

Another important focus for us when it comes to future proofing the home is sustainability. As government regulation mandates a move towards more sustainable living and more sustainable interiors, technology can help. Air source heat pumps, for example, will play a massive part. All the major developers want to incorporate that kind of availability for homeowners and renters as well as creating a net neutrality platform.

Technology can also help with the sustainability agenda by giving landlords and property managers a platform to allow them to view their buildings’ usage in a more responsible fashion. They can look at the connectivity of tenants and see how they can reduce bills, have a more responsible carbon footprint and monitor the building’s health.

Deeper collaboration between technology companies and property developers will also help build better homes in the future. When I talk to developers about installing electrical appliances, they often buy from a variety of vendors in the market so they will buy air conditioners from one manufacturer and TVs from another. Integrating the technology which may all be from different providers can be problematic. It really does depend on what the platform is in the building. It’s not always very straightforward.

One-brand one-stop solution

This is why some developers, such as Quintain Living, Future Generation PBSA, Moda Living, Etopia Group, Cordia Blackswan, Cortland & Partners, and Bricks Capital – True Student PBSA, have partnered with us for various products from TVs, white goods, air conditioning to IoT, as they are leaning towards a one-brand one-stop solution.

At Samsung Electronics UK, we believe strongly in these long-term partnerships between operators and developers, where you install your tech across a whole development. With that, you can create innovation across your whole property portfolio as the tech develops.

Developers who have bulk-bought tech from us benefit from low rates and we will keep spares if an appliance breaks down and an immediate replacement is needed. Long-term service level agreements also mean warranties on home technology are extended, giving the owner and the resident peace of mind.

The final way in which technology can help to deliver the homes of the future is through financing. This is why we’ve set up Samsung Capital, to offer finance solutions to housebuilders. It’s all about providing options to stretch budgets for housebuilders and developers.

Smart homes are the future, and we all need to work together to provide residents the best possible experiences that can facilitate the enjoyment of life as we head out of a difficult time together as a society.

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