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Aerial view town streets

Damning report on neighbourhood plans calls for overhaul of system


Lack of resources and poor understanding of the system mean that neighbourhood plans are not working, study finds.

London Street

Clever design can ensure housing and industrial co-exist successfully

By Craig Sheach

We are frequently told that not enough homes are being built in the UK and that house prices are rising as demand outstrips supply. The problem is that we are often told about the problem, but rarely offered a solution other than easy sound bites such as ‘build higher’, ‘build ...

New Bailey, Manchester

Terrorism-proofing should be a pre-requisite for all workplaces

Darren Wood talks about terrorism-proofing in the UK’s workplaces and his experience as a security consultant

Aspire Click Slough

Industry welcomes Lords report calling for overhaul to unlock potential for offsite manufacturing

By Robyn Wilson

Report highlights need for clients, designers and contractors to collaborate if innovative construction technique is to take off in UK.

Corporation Tax

Any capital gains tax exemption for pension funds likely to be complex

The UK has one of the world’s most complex tax codes, clocking in at more than 10 million words. Earlier this month, another few thousand words were added when draft legislation for capital gains tax for non-residents on UK property was published.


Channel Islands residents keep a keen eye on Brexit negotiations

By Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper asks what makes the islands the place to be and whether Brexit poses any risk

National Infrastructure Assessment graphic

New report calls for ‘joined up’ approach to revitalising infrastructure


The NIC’s nationwide review proposes integrated planning for homes and infrastructure. How will the private sector react?

Work space

Less is more when it comes to choice in the workplace

Technology can help make choice in the workplace less overwhelming.

Signing house contract

Longer tenancies: more security for renters or a vote grabbing political move?

An estimated 46% of 25-34 year olds live in private rented accommodation. This has risen from 27% in 2006-2007 and, as such, the build-to-rent sector has seen massive growth.

Duncan Andison shutterstock

Critics concerned about lack of detail in New Town Development Corporation guidance


Some praise the guidelines’ flexibility, but insistence on a ‘case-by-case’ approach raises fears over lack of clarity.

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