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PiP will not be the seed we need to grow our housing supply


Experts think ‘permission in principle’ will help SME housebuilders but have limited impact on the wider market.


Rapid city centre growth in Midlands and north puts pressure on commercial space


Rapid city centre growth in Midlands and north puts pressure on commercial space.


Will proposed planning reform help or hinder housing delivery?

By Nick Sharpe

When revisions to the National Planning Practice Framework (NPPF) were published last month, the government began consultations on proposed changes to the system of developer contributions, CIL regulations and section 106 agreements.

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Move to more frequent business rates revaluations gets a mixed reception


Business rates experts welcome the reforms but argue that the government should go further to improve the system.

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Involving agents in design will lead to better buildings

Architects and designers should take advantage of the knowledge agents have of clients’ needs, write Christopher Ploutarhou and Michael Raibin.

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Placemaking for the present as well as the future

Building a new town, city or district is about so much more than constructing buildings. It should be about creating an inspiring community that provides for its very first residents and visitors, as well as those in years to come.

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Industry explores ways to measure the social impact of property development


Experts tell Adam Branson how a methodology for calculating social value would benefit the public and private sectors.

London ownership

More clarity needed on leasehold and overseas ownership reforms

By Rob Thompson

The government has been busy. Just before Christmas it responded to the consultation on “tackling unfair practices in the leasehold market” by outlining plans to restrict the sale of leasehold houses and setting new ground rents at a peppercorn.


New approach to the green belt would help ease housing shortage

By Richard Steer

There has been a distinct sense of buck passing in political discourse of late. Housebuilders have been held partly responsible for the housing shortage.

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New BREEAM benchmark closes the gap between design intent and actual performance

By Helen Newman

The latest version of the Building Research Establishment’s benchmark for sustainable developments, BREEAM, went live earlier this month - Helen Newman of Tuffin Ferraby Taylor looks at the key highlights.

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