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Green environmental sustainability

Is the property industry getting serious about tackling climate change?


Property professionals gathered to discuss how the sector can become more sustainable.


Ninjas show companies don't need an office to thrive


Mitchell Labiak talks to a digital marketing agency that operates completely by remote working

House in field

Gove’s green push might be the start of something big

By Dean Clifford (Great Marlborough Estates)

This week sees world leaders, civil society and the finest climate scientists descend on Katowice, the coal capital of Poland, for COP24, the United Nation’s climate conference.

Broome Park country house, Kent

A new ruling on easements is a blessing and a curse for the timeshare industry


A Supreme Court judgment questions whether a timeshare property can grant an easement on a neighbouring property.


Industry needs support from the banks to survive Brexit slump

By Richard Steer

Shortly after the autumn Budget, a story caught my eye. It’s a cautionary tale for all of us working in the built environment and concerns the holy trinity: Brexit, builders and banks.


Battle of Culloden sparks new war over public rights on planning appeals


Proposals to give people the same right of appeal as developers were recently voted down in the Scottish Parliament.

HOK Biophilic design event

Offices with natural touch must grow their business case


Biophilic design event explores challenge of making greener offices a reality.

Cash machine

Will ATM ruling have a positive impact on the struggling retail sector?


Some believe the overturned ATM business rates decision is a bigger win than anything in the Budget.


Budget measures fall well short of the real reforms businesses need

By Jerry Schurder

With the dust settling on the Budget, we can reflect on the chancellor’s business rates announcements. I found it surprising to hear the warm plaudits the chancellor received, given how very little he delivered.


Balance is key to the design of co-working space


Experts debate topics ranging from design to the importance of wellness.

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