Download the second white paper in the series here: Occupier Challenges

White paper: Occupier Challenges

Occupational demand is what underpins the whole property industry. Whether it is upsizing or downsizing, looking for new space or offloading old properties, it is activity that matters. As the economy starts to show tentative signs of recovery, occupiers will start to re-examine whether their current property portfolio meets their needs.

But most occupiers are not property experts, and many have trouble understanding how property contributes to their wider business. Software and technology has a role to play in making property a far more integrated part of any company’s activity. Making sure this is the case would have positive implications for anyone with an interest in real estate - and a desire to see more property transactions.

What follows is an exploration of the way in which software and technology can help meet the needs of occupiers - and those who work closely with them.

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