Friday 26 May, Titanic Room, 4.30pm: A day with GBH team leaders discussing how many grunts we can chop by replacing them with artificial intelligence.

Agent P written in calculator style white text on a red background. A cartoon man in a black suit and red tie is stood on the right of image. He has no facial features but is wearing sunglasses

Two-thirds of the number-crunchers in research and 50% of the wordsmiths in marketing is the cruel consensus. “We pipe up our data to the web and suck it down through ChatGPT instead,” grins our head of IT, Beardy Ben, who clearly imagines AI is going to make him a Master of the GBH Universe.

“Imagine, our exclusive numbers blended with words lifted from the world’s best pitch-writers,” he trills. Most of Geek Boy’s time is spent feeding pitch-specific in-house data to marketing, who interleave the numbers with timeworn boilerplate for presentations.

A candidate for the chop? Er… no. Earlier, we played AI games. Stunning. Out rolled commanding prose – blended with specific 10-year stats on capital and rental growth for 70 office blocks in the Thames Valley. How did THAT happen?!

“Easy,” says Beardy Ben. “I decided to feed the web with details of every GBH deal since 2013.” Stunned silence. GBH intelligence laid bare for all to see.

Phone beeps. News alert: property firm has banned staff from piping proprietary data through AI software. “Ben,” I say, holding my phone for him to see the news. “It might be you who is up for the chop.”