Friday 21 July, 9am, Teutonic Room: Just me and old Charlie Boy in the room. Posh Girl and Posh Boy finally got it together and are roasting at some £800-a-night all-inclusive resort in Greece.

Agent P written in calculator style white text on a red background. A cartoon man in a black suit and red tie is stood on the right of image. He has no facial features but is wearing sunglasses

Sporty Girl has whisked Young Thruster to Paris for the weekend, she says to experience the finish of the Tour de France. Mmm…

Last week, I was forced to ‘let go’ of Geek Boy. HR found him a spot on the IT help desk. Poor lad.

Spring optimism at GBH has certainly given way to summer blues. Feels a bit end of days for Team P, frankly. Sod it, I decide to break the news to Charlie Boy that I’m looking to move on. He’s 53, ex-Savills, old school, so prospects dim. Poor bugger deserves advance warning.

“I’m talking to JLL. Job pretty much wrapped up, just the bonus package to sort.” He gapes. Why I blurted out the news I don’t know. Feel sorry for him, I suppose. Not even sure I want to work in off-pitch offices near Piccadilly Circus where there are more plants than people.

Final seal-the-deal meet with JLL next Friday. But I’m also riding the CBRE horse. More my type of folk, frankly. Second interview done and dusted. Offer in the post. May play one off against the other. Let’s see.