Friday 23 September, 9am, Britannic Room. Never mind that deal that collapsed on Tuesday when the client discovered it would cost £3m to upgrade a £15m office block in Reigate from ‘D’ to ‘B’. We’d said the clunker might cost £1m to get a ‘B’-grade Energy Performance Certificate. A GBH in-house estimate, granted. 

We’d got to head of terms with this guy from Taiwan looking for somewhere safer than Hong Kong to park his small fortune. His picky ‘environmental consultants’ insist the cladding must be stripped off. We told them both to sod off.

But, as I said, never mind. Royal gossip alert! In the words of that old Edwardian song, Posh Girl, so to speak, ‘is the sort of girl who has danced with a man who danced with a girl who’s danced with the Prince of Wales’.

More accurately, she knows a man who knows a woman at the Duchy of Cornwall. Apparently, the Dovecotes are aflutter. Staff are wondering if the new Prince of Wales will feel quite so deeply about architecture and the environment as did his dad. Might there be some chance to increase returns on the recently restructured £345m commercial portfolio, if only William permits a slightly less puritanical attitude?

Not that GBH will ever get a sniff.