Friday 11 February, 8.30am Britannic Room: Charlie Boy is on resignation alert. The only client he lured over from Savills when he joined GBH in 2020 was last week lured by Knight Frank to a big breakfast presentation at the nouveau Nobu Hotel, a spangled spot off Portman Square with carpets so lush you leave footprints.

Agent P

Charlie Boy’s man is investment manager for the owner of a chain of opticians, who operates on the down-low, shielded by a Mauritius trust.

We bought him a build-to-rent block of 60 units in Reigate last year. Mr Optician wants more, but Charlie Boy has been struggling.

“Deals are being agreed 10 minutes after planning is granted,” he moans. “I can’t get a look in. He’s obviously gone to Savills and Knight Frank, who are closer to developers than our pathetic lot. A Knight Frank smoothy asked him if he liked bacon and sausages and promised to sit him beside one of their residential development team.”

Posh Girl asks: “Have you followed up?” Seems Mr Optician’s not returning Charlie Boy’s calls. “I buzzed an old Savills mate, now client side. He spotted our man, seemingly enraptured by a presenter forecasting a 10-fold expansion in BTR.” Mother of God, as that policeman says. A goner.