Friday 17th November, 10am. In bed, bad head: Sigh… Truth to tell, being told on Monday to work from home was a bit of a relief. Managed to get the Christmas shopping done yesterday and meet a few mates for a happy afternoon (and evening) in the pub.

Agent P

WFO, as we call schlepping into the office on three days of our choosing, has been a flop these past months. The atmosphere at GBH Towers is as flat as week-old Prosecco. No Team P Zoom meet today – CBA. I did ping out an invite. Abandoned plan after a string of pathetic excuses for absence came back. Worst from Young Thruster: taking his mutt for the chop.

Not that there was much to talk about – beyond the impact on the agency side at GBH if office values tank. Our research wonks have been crunching the numbers and come up with a report we dare not publish. It’s marked ‘disclosure limited to sell-side clients’. Conclusion: if WFH on today’s scale becomes established, then tiptoe out of offices without frightening the horses. Office values are set to fall in next five years as far as shopping centres fell in the past 10 years.

Nobody really needs to hear this stuff before Christmas, do they? Pull duvet over head.