Property rainmakers picking out their suits in various hues of blue – or pink for the ladies (not being sexist, pink’s having a moment) – before heading to Cannes for the first large-scale in-person Mipim since 2019 will notice some pretty big changes when they saunter along the city’s famed Croisette.

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For starters, according to one northern property PR source, the street is currently a bit of a building site and it’s difficult when stone-cold sober – never mind after a couple of bottles of ice-cold rosé – to navigate the works, which are blocking the entrance to some of Cannes’ most iconic venues, such as Caffe Roma.

Word also reaches Property Eye that some of the restaurants frequently populated by the property industry when they invade Cannes have closed down due to the pandemic.

So spare a thought for the publicans and restaurateurs next week and if you are heading out to Mipim, make sure you make up for lost time by hammering your expenses in the town’s surviving bars and restaurants and giving them some much-needed business. Santé!