Building owners beware, these DIY hacks could cause some sticky situations

Regulator Ofcom last week revealed possibly the least surprising study of 2022, discovering that teenagers rely on Instagram and TikTok for news, rather than the stuffy old BBC.

As these wide-eyed youths get a bit older and leave home, building owners should beware. Social media is not simply home to fake news but fake advice. Promoted as clever DIY hacks, the typical TikTok top tip could leave tenants in a pickle and landlords with a headache.

Tool-hire provider Toolstation has collected some of the most irksome examples, which include: cutting heating bills by draining the water out of radiators; hanging wallpaper with yards of double-sided tape; improving shower flow with a power drill; and fixing leaks by sending balls of glue down the pipe.

Disasters one and all. Oh for the days when you could rely on the Beeb for ‘proper’ fake news about spaghetti growing on trees.