Research suggests most hauntings take place in premium postcodes

Halloween is traditionally the time for spooky scares and spine-chilling frights, so what better place to look for the terrifying, ghastly and grisly than the current property market.

Handily, adviser Revolution Brokers has undertaken the work of correlating property prices with reported hauntings, revealing that the prevalence of ghostly spectres is – surprisingly – inextricably linked with premium postcodes, where housing costs 33% above the norm on average.

The Kent village of Pluckley (pictured) is the most haunted in England, with 12 ‘official’ ghosts (Eye isn’t sure who or what decides when a ghost ceases to be self-employed). The local apparitions include a murdered highwayman, a hanged colonel, a poisoned lover, a hanged schoolmaster and an ethereal red lady with a (presumably equally deceased) dog.

The average price for a home in this area is £592,092, well above the £310,716 average for houses in England and Wales.

That said, all kinds of areas could soon catch up with Pluckley as reported haunting hotspots. After all, catching sight of a pale face, drained of blood, is going to become an increasingly common occurrence as we each open our next utility bill.