You’d think that having co-founded the £100m Green & Black’s brand, Jo Fairley would have little to learn about creating a positive workplace, but last week she proved she is still open to new ideas.

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The best companies panel had some brilliant insights

Source: Paul Burroughs

But she also picked up a hot new tip from the panel discussion, which featured Julie Rees of GN2, Damion Burrows of Darling Associates, Amanda Nurse of Carterwood, Tushar Agarwal of Hubble and Ann Marie Aguilar of the International WELL Building Institute. Inspired by Aguilar’s suggestion that employees would soon start bringing their own air-quality monitors into the office, Fairley went straight on to eBay to purchase her own device to check out the CO2 levels at her latest business venture The Perfume Society.

At the post-awards reception, Fairley told Metropolis: “I’ve always thought it’s essential to give people an office to look forward to working in every day.”

She also helped create an awards to look forward to, by providing Green & Black’s chocs at the start. Suffice to say, there weren’t any left by the end.

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Jo Fairley opened the Best Places to Work in Property event