Black facades are gloomy home trend in London’s fashionable Notting Hill 

Notting Hill colourful houses

Source: huesofdelahaye

Colourful past: Notting Hill

When most people think of London’s upmarket Notting Hill, chances are they envisage pretty pastel-shade houses, the colourful carnival and over-priced cafés. 

But according to estate agent Winkworth’s How to Sell Your Home in Seven Seconds podcast, things have taken a darker turn in W11 lately.

Charles Erwin of the firm’s Notting Hill office highlights “the age of the black exterior”, a trend he says is spreading into W6 and even Kensington W8. Apparently, where west London leads, other will start to follow.

Eye can’t help but feel concern – assuming changing the colour of one’s house reflects one’s outlook, perhaps influenced by the state of the economy and the ‘winter of discontent’, then what hope have the rest of us got if the well-heeled residents of these areas are in a sombre mood?

But perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom. Maybe those who have embraced the dark side are just Rolling Stones fans.

In other Notting Hill paint trend news, the podcast goes on to say that the area’s door colours are changing from dark and traditional green, black, navy and burgundy tones to rather more cheery pastel pinks and blues.