The Eurovision Song Contest is not exactly renowned for profound social commentary. But among last week’s entries was one that surely summed up the struggles of ‘generation rent’.


Our undercover Eurovision correspondent managed to sneak a peek at the lyrics of Snap by 21-year-old Armenian representative Rosa Linn and, reading between the lines, what looks like a run of the mill break-up song transforms into the tale of a young woman’s ambitions to get on the housing ladder, or die trying. “If one more person says, ‘You should get over it’, I might stop talking to people before I snap, snap, snap,” she sang.

The stage – which mimicked a bedroom in a small house – was further proof. Comprising a bed, lamp and chair it was exactly the kind of space that many wannabe homeowners have been forced to work from as well sleep and eat in over recent months.

Here at Property Eye Towers it has become an overnight favourite. The only bit we can’t figure out is why the whole set was wrapped in white toilet roll. Trying to deaden the racket from noisy neighbours maybe?