Niche retail agency Fawcett Mead caused a bit of a stir at the recent PDC World Darts Championship.

PDC World Darts Championship, Fawcett Mead (left to right): Joe Baio, Jonathan Mills, James Mead, Ian Thomas

The tournament has become as well known for the fierce competition between fans to see who can wear the best fancy-dress outfits as the quality of the ‘arrows’ being thrown and in recent years the outfits have become increasingly outlandish.

On occasion they have crossed the boundaries of good taste – one spectator was recently pilloried for ‘blacking up’ as Labour MP Diane Abbott.

Fortunately the Fawcett Mead team played it relatively safe at the tournament, donning matching inflatable panda outfits. The tactic worked a treat, with the retail agency ‘pandas’ making an appearance on Sky TV and winning a T-shirt for best fancy-dress outfits of the day.

The Fawcett Mead team included (pictured, left to right) Joe Baio, Jonathan Mills and James Mead with client Ian Thomas.