To Surbiton for the opening of The Good Life Café, our client’s debut vegan restaurant. Accompanied by a journalist. 

Spin class

From a national newspaper. I’m astonished – apparently the launch of the vegan KitKat has turned her editor into a vegan news story fiend, and the editor thinks a café named after the 1970s sitcom will make a good story.

So off we trot. Instead of the usual chats with hacks about some big logistics sale, the future of the office and Mipim, it’s plant-based food. Something I knew zip about until last night, when I read an article in the FT: ‘How to be a vegan (and not miss a thing)’.

The day went well. The journalist’s interview with the client went smoothly – he managed not to sound like an arsehole property developer. And the food was surprisingly good. The client’s gimmick was a vegan ‘Toblerone’, which the journalist liked.

On our Teams meeting the next morning I tell Soph that we should follow up our new four-day working week with a go at eating vegan food. She laughs, says “no way” but eventually agrees. For seven days.

Fifteen months of lockdowns, WFH and social distancing has changed us from boozy, sweary PR ‘gals’ into woke warriors. Neither of us even watched the first episode of the new Love Island.