Now is the winter of our PR discontent. It’s cold, everyone’s on strike and there’s bugger all client news for us to announce. 

Spin class

Soph and I are bored. Apart from announcing the odd planning consent here and a tiddly letting there, nothing is happening. Clients are quiet and cancelling meetings. It’s pretty desperate.

We spend most of our time talking about TV (we loved The English), extraordinary news stories (Indonesia has criminalised sex outside marriage for visiting foreigners as well as Indonesians) and taking the pee out of random press releases (Green Street emailed me a blog, entitled ‘Searching for Pan-European Property Yields in the Year of AH [Annulus Horribilus]’). Annulus Horribilus anyone?

Work-wise, we are still waiting to hear whether we have won a huge mandate – the fact we have been waiting for at least a month suggests we’ve lost out. We are trying to find something to do, by getting in touch with the real estate publications to see if they are publishing talking heads’ predictions for 2023. That said, I’m not sure any of our clients would want to express their (true) views on the year ahead.

“We’ve shut up shop” is not a message they would want to convey publicly. And they certainly wouldn’t want to predict an “annulus horribilus”.