Excessive remuneration, high carbon emissions, tax avoidance… Our real estate CEOs are not held in the highest regard in the outside world, and we PRs tend to be very cautious about letting them loose with the press in case they slip up.

Spin class

But Bono (the singer) suggests we’re wrong. In his biography, Surrender, which Soph has just finished, he writes: “Some of the most self-absorbed people I have met are artists (I’m one of them) and some of the most selfless have been business leaders”. What brilliant material for our PR pitches.

Mind you, our most selfless client, the one who runs the vegan café chain (of two), The Good Life, is struggling with his energy bills and has cut our monthly fee to £1k. We can’t really complain.

It is the first sign of pain for Pastis Communications but there is bound to be more. We organised a journalist meeting this week with one of our two logistics clients. When the hack asked where values were at the moment, the CEO replied: “I really don’t know.” Prices are slumping but quite where they have to slump to before investors start buying is anyone’s guess – 5% is probably too low in most cases.

It seems that property PR is now like Mars Celebrations chocolates this Christmas – not much Bounty.