No sooner had Soph and I done our post-Expo, two-day, £68 Covid test than we got pinged by track and trace. We guessed it was someone with Covid on the plane home – and so everyone on the flight must have been pinged.

Spin class

Another ping soon followed, this time an email from our vegan café entrepreneur. The gist of it is: “To coincide with COP26, I’ve introduced a new dish called Cop Out. Could you get me some publicity? It’s a bit of a rip-off of a Wagamama dish with soya protein ribs and noodles, but don’t tell the press that.”

Soph and I immediately thought of The Times Business Diary given that Nigella Lawson told the paper she doesn’t “see the point” of veganism because human teeth are designed to eat meat.

In other news, thankfully not one of our clients – OK, we don’t have very many – has suggested a response to the Budget.

Don’t they realise journalists get hundreds of comments from talking heads, all saying the same things, stating the bleeding obvious and invariably including the phrase “the devil is in the detail” because in a rush to respond they haven’t read the detail?