I’m not sure what surprises our clients more – the fact that neither Soph nor I have (knowingly) had Covid or that six months ago we introduced a four-day working week.

Spin class

Well, praise the Lord – the four-day working week looks like it could become a thing. More than 30 firms are taking part in a trial of a four-day working week to “herald in a bold new way of working in 2022”, it was announced this week. Soph and I are trendsetters, not cranks.

That said, my head has been spinning all year. In early December, I went on my nth Tinder date with zero expectations. But we fell for each other straight away. He doesn’t appear to be a sex pest, a flake or a weakling with a ton of mid-life baggage. Rather strangely, though, before we met, he agreed to let his Chilean ex-girlfriend stay in his small flat for a month over Christmas, while she had some medical procedure (taking advantage of the NHS).

As a result, he decided it would be best to move in with me for that time rather than test our relationship. Four weeks later, we are still very happy together, working during the day at the same desk and watching mini-series together in the evening. Godless was brilliant.

He has now suggested The West Wing, which suggests he has no intention of going back to his flat any time soon.