An air of lethargy hangs over Pastis Communications. Soph and I blame it on the heatwave, the floods, the Olympics, the pingdemic, our new (mostly) vegan diets.

Spin class

Justifying our inability to do any work, We email each other examples of the silly season having begun. “Sales of Vanish have bounced back as people pay more attention to their appearance post lockdown, its manufacturer says.” The PM declared strong regional leadership was “the yeast that lifts the whole mattress of dough, the magic sauce, the ketchup of catch-up”. When Soph said a 13-year-old girl had won a gold medal in skateboarding, I assumed she’d flipped.

Sadly, the delay in submitting entries for the Property Awards and the RESI Awards till now meant we had to get off our backsides. Mind you, the absurdity continued when one of our clients wanted to enter Residential Personality, despite not having one.

After a bad run for us, we weren’t expecting a review from a national newspaper journalist of The Good Life Café in Surbiton, our client’s debut vegan restaurant. And it was favourable!

We immediately took the credit.

Of course, if it had been critical, we would have advised the client that we should double our PR efforts… for an increased fee.