When in Rome is something we forgot this week at Expo Real.

Spin class

Having booked a hotel out of the centre of Munich with a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, Soph and I headed straight for the latter – to find a middle-aged German (I’m guessing) man sitting there letting it all hang out. Soph and I, in swimming kit, endured an awkward five minutes trying to stare at the wall before getting out as casually as we could. It was the nearest we got to intimacy, as we decided we couldn’t be bothered to use Tinder while there.

We only went to the conference itself for half a day. There were half the number of exhibitors pre-Covid and probably a quarter of the number of people. Brits were in short supply. We managed to get coffee and a pretzel followed later by lunch at two of the stands – heaven knows whose.

It was quite cold, it rained a bit and as we are on a bit of a vegan push – trying to appeal to our vegan café client, The Good Life – we avoided the schnitzel and sausages.

We returned to the UK to do our £68 two-day Covid test, with no new clients and a renewed hostility towards those not wearing face masks in public places (as all Germans do).

All in all, Munich went smoothly – with not a cock-up in sight.