“Have you read about the myrkl,” I ask Soph. “Isn’t that a wig for your pubes?” she replies. “No, you’re thinking of a merkin,” I say. “A myrkl is a new hangover prevention pill. You take two tablets before you go out on the razzle; they’re only £1 each.“ “Wow,” says Soph.

Spin class

We subsequently order a pack of 30 myrkls and organise a night out this Saturday with five of our mates to do a product review.

The last place in London we would contemplate having our night out would be the Square Mile, where our previous firm was based. It’s dull with a capital D. Yet, in a PR swoop as impressive in business terms as the launch of myrkl, the City of London Corporation has poached a top marketing boss from the New West End Company to throw off the Square Mile’s “nine-to-five” image and turn it into a “vibrant” global leisure destination. And she has been given a £2.5m budget for the so-called Destination City programme.

Personally, if I was doing PR for the Corporation, I’d be banging on about how cheap it is to work there. An occasional client of ours was recently looking for a base in London. Anywhere central would do. He chose the City because rents there were now the lowest in central London. Proposed slogan: “The City, cheap as myrkls.”